Testing new tuning system + new stage concept

When Therion play live, we need to change the guitars very often because we have so many different sort of tunings. Recently there was a new invention that is helping out a lot in making this smoother. A german company called Tronical have now invented a tuning mechanism that tunes the guitars automatically - and is even programmable for different types of tunings! For a band like Therion who have songs tuned in C, C#, Eb, E and on the new album also E with drop D, this is a perticulary nice invention.
I will be borrowing a prototype for the tour and will be playing E, Eb and E drop D on it and to my knowledge I'm the first artist to go on tour with this system. So look out for a silver coloured Gibson Les Paul guitar on stage and remember who you saw this miracle system with first (if it works well - else just have another beer and forget all about it, ha ha).
Check out the system at:


Therion has been around for almost 20 years now and made who knows how many tours. We have always changed a bit here and there and developed our stage performance. This tour we hope to bring it all up to not one, but two or three steps higher at once. When rehearsing it sounds better than ever (especially the 4 vocalists sounds outstanding together) and we have a cool stage scenery built for a lot of money this time.
The whole performance will be quite different and be performed more like a show than a regular rock concert, so expect less talking about beer with the audience and more action on stage. We have prepared some special surprices for you as well. So BE THERE or you'll BE SORRY afterwards that you missed it...

Yours faithfully,

Christofer Johnsson